No.12 Black Label Box

No.12 Black Label Box

Black Label No. 12 


The No. 12 scent is inspired by the beautiful Pacific NorthWest!

Oregon Coast to be very specific!! Our signature blend of Eucalyptus, Juniper, Fir Needle and Lime transport you to a relaxed day on our beautiful coast line. 


Having grown up in a small coastal town, I am personally missing the Coast more than most things this year, thankfully this blend floods my mind with my favorite days daring a sandy tide, running up and down the coast line with the waves...all my stress instantly washes away. 


If you're looking for a scent memory to elevate away the heaviness of the year...this is it!


Each Black Label Box is a ready packed gift...Laundry Powder, Vinegar Wash, Room & Body Spray are each individually wrapped in black tissue, pack in a bed of crinkle paper, in a shatter proof box. The exterior of the box is finished with decorative wasabi tape, and a hemp twine bow. A wonderful gift for you or a friend!


Black Label No.12 Box includes:

Laundry Powder - 32 oz ~ 64 loads

Vinegar Wash - 16 oz ~ 32 loads

Room & Body Spray - 8 oz

*priority shipping

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