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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my scoop?

Sometimes during shipping, the scoops will migrate underneath the powder, so if you have not checked under the powder yet, it might be there.  Try digging a little deeper and see if the scoop migrated under the powder a bit during shipping, and if not, feel free to reach out to us or use the measurement of 1 leveled tablespoon per large load of laundry. 

I got a notification saying the shipping label for my order was printed, where is my order?

USPS sends a notification whenever the shipping label for your order has been printed; however, that does not mean your order has been packed just yet - just that the label that goes on the box has been printed.  Sometimes, it can take a few days after this notification for your order to be officially packed and ready to be dropped off for shipping.  As a small business, we always ask to allow us 10-12 business days to pack and fill your order before it gets shipped out - we want to ensure you receive only the highest quality goods to your door before we ship anything out!

I already have glass jars for my laundry powder.  Is there alternative packaging besides glass for my laundry powder?

Absolutely!  We have a 5lb. Bulk Box of laundry powder you can use to refill the glass jars you have at home.  Shop our 5lb. Bulk Laundry Powder here.   

Can I pick up my order?

Due to a change in policy at Clean Slate Laundry & Home, we no longer offer the option to pick up at the warehouse and have moved our business to online order and shipping only.  It is possible we will host “Stop and Shop” days at the warehouse every now and then, so if this is something you are interested in to stop by and smell scents and order then, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the live updates of what’s going on at Clean Slate Laundry & Home!  

What do the scents smell like?

We love this question!  Our scents are all carefully paired to complement each other for a fresh aroma you simply cannot get enough of!  Our most popular scent is Eucalyptus Lavender with our scent, Bergamot Cedarwood, as a close second!  This is how we would describe each of our scents.


Eucalyptus Lavender: An invigorating minty aroma of eucalyptus with the calming, floral scent of lavender - refreshing & clean


Bergamot Cedarwood: Citrusy notes of bergamot with the warm, woody aroma of cedarwood - harmonious blend that is balanced and grounded


Lemongrass: A bright, citrusy scent with a hint of earthiness - refreshing and energizing 


Rosemary Mint: Herbal and woody - soothing and energizing

Grapefruit Lime: Vibrant zesty citrus - invigorating and uplifting

I live far away and am concerned about the glass jars breaking during shipping.  Can you help?

We totally understand this concern!  We always make sure to take the utmost care when packaging your order.  We pack our glass jars in shatter proof boxes, and each jar is individually packed in its own shatter proof box as well to ensure the highest quality service and that your products don’t break during transit.  It is very rare that we hear a case of an order arriving in poor condition; however, if you have any concerns at all about your order's shipment, please do not hesitate to send us an email notifying us of your concerns at, and we would be happy to take further precautions while packing your order.  

Do you have a sample pack of the laundry scents?

We do not have an official sample pack of laundry scents; however, we do offer small travel size packs that are perfect for testing out scents before committing to one scent.  Check out our travel size laundry packs here.

Can I return/recycle my glass jars to you?

Yes, we welcome returning and recycling our glass jars back to us.  We have a thorough cleaning process in place for the jars before reusing them, so please do ship them to our warehouse, or drop them off at our warehouse for us to reuse.

Our warehouse address:

404 Beavercreek Rd 

Suite 235

Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Where is the 5lb. Bulk Box?

Along the lines of recycling, if you have found a scent that is your favorite, and to minimize purchasing more glass jars, you are welcome to refill your current glass jars with our 5lb. Bulk Box that is more environmentally friendly.

You can find our 5lb. Bulk Box here.

Will the laundry powder not dissolve well in the washer and leave residue on my clothes, especially darker colored clothes?

The laundry powder fully dissolves in all water temperatures and works fantastic with black garments, without leaving any powder residue. 


Our laundry powder and vinegar wash also do an amazing job at locking in the color of your black and colored items. 


Additionally, your items will be cleaner without stripping the color or compromising the structure of the materials.

I lost my scoop.  What is the measurement of laundry powder for a load of laundry?

The measurement is 1 leveled tablespoon per large load of laundry and ½ tablespoon for loads smaller than a full load of laundry.

Do I just toss the laundry powder in the washer before putting my load in the washer?

You can toss the laundry powder directly into the bottom of the barrel before putting your clothes in; however, we prefer to put the detergent in the pull out tray.  The secret is to pop that “liquid only” bucket out like a lego and underneath will say “powder only.”  

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