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Bulk Vinegar Wash

Bulk Vinegar Wash

Same amazing product just got bigger!! 

32 0Z ~ 64 Loads 


Vinegar Wash in your laundry room is an absolute MUST have, to boost your wash cycle! Swap out your commercial fabric softener for an all natural softener. Keep your whites bright with out bleach or synthetic brighteners. Maybe a load of towels was forgotten for multiple days, no worries...a tablespoon of Vinegar Wash added to the wash cycle will eliminate all that funky mildew!


Benefits of Vinegar Wash:

  • brighten & whiten your whites
  • natural fabric softener
  • destroys mildew in fabric & the machine
  • fights underarm odor and stains
  • reduces lint & pet hair
  • keeps your darks, dark
  • keeps your drum clean
  • beneficial to septic systems


                            BEST RESULTS: 1 Tablespoon

                                large standard laundry load

                                    YES…1 tablespoon!

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