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glass jar waste free eco-friendly laundry detergent with natural ingredients and pure essential oils

Laundry Powder with Eco-Friendly Essential Oils - 64 Loads

Clean Slate Washing Powder is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a simple, natural, and powerful laundry detergent. With 64 loads per container, this eco-friendly alternative provides superior cleaning power without the use of unnecessary harsh chemicals. Our exceptional quality, all natural ingredients yield distinctive cleaning, deodorizing, and whitening with every wash. Say goodbye to residue and hello to naturally soft and fresh-smelling clothes with Clean Slate Washing Powder. Choose a more sustainable and effective solution for your laundry needs with Clean Slate.

    Ingredients:  organic coconut oil*, sodium carbonate*, sodium tetra borate*, sodium hydrogen carbonate*, {essential oil blend+}

    *naturally occurring ingredients  +scented washing powder only


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