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Organic Soy Candle

Organic Soy Candle

Let me introduce the best non-toxic, 110 hours of clean burning, Organic Soy Candles. Clean Slate Home candles are made exclusively made with non-GMO Organic Soy, unbleached cotton wicks, and scented with a custom blend of essential oils and fragrance oils. Hand-poured into beautiful reuseable Le Parfait glass jars.


Cute & Eco-Friendly ... That is exactly how we do it !!


What makes a candle non-toxic? 

Candles that are scented with essential oils, made with 100% natural wax, and have unbleached cotton wicks are some things that can identify non-toxic candles. 

Are you using eco-friendly wicks?

Yes ... our wicks are unbleached cotton, dipped in soy (not paraffin).

Are your candles made Essentail Oils?

Tricky question ... our scents are a custom blend of Essentail Oils and Fragrance Oils. We use non-toxic, skin safe, phthalate free fragrance oils to be extra safe.

Are your candles paraffin-free?

Yes ... parrafin is a byproduct of crude oil, a nonrenewable resource, and is considered harmful to the environment.

Are your candles vegan?

Yes ... we use pure organic Soy Wax. Our vegan candles are made without the use of animal ingredients or byproducts like beeswax, stearic acid, goat’s milk, or animal fat. 

Are your candles cruelty-free?

Yes ... we are 100% cruelty-free. We never test on animals or buy products from companies testing on animals.

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