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Stain Stick

Stain Stick

This 2oz powerhouse stain remover is almost too good to be true. As a mom, I've seen my share of stains. I've lost my marbles a time or two over a brand new outfit forever ruined to a kid stain. I only wish I had this Stain Stick in my laundry room a decade earlier. 


Resently a mom stopped to let me know that since using the Stain Stick, she lets her 2 year old wipe all the berries on his clothes he wants, and she doesn't stress. Because she knows it'll all wash clean!


BEST RESULTS: Work 2-3 swirls of Stain Stick into damp stain, agitate soap into the stain by hand or with Clean Slate Stain Removal Brush.

NEXT: it’s your call…you can hand wash the soap out, or leave soap on item and toss straight into laundry, or leave soap on the item and toss into laundry basket… wash when you’re ready.








    2 oz - Push Bottom Paperboard Tube

    Ingredients: 100% ORGANIC CASTILE SOAP

    Simple . Natural . Powerful . Non-toxic . Biodegradable . Vegan . Cruelty Free . No Harmful Chemicals . No Synthetic Fragrance . High Efficiency Washer Safe . All Temp Washing . Septic Safe . Cloth Diaper Safe

    Women Created & Owned

    Made in Oregon, US

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