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Vinegar Wash in a glass bottle, laundry booster, fabric softener

Clean Slate Laundry & Home: Eco-Friendly Vinegar Laundry Booster Fabric Softener

Clean Slate Laundry & Home presents its Eco-Friendly Vinegar Laundry Booster Fabric Softener, the perfect addition to any eco-friendly laundry routine.


Our vinegar wash is a must-have for boosting your wash cycle, leaving your clothes feeling soft and looking fresh. Say goodbye to commercial fabric softeners and hello to an all-natural alternative that will keep your whites bright without the use of harsh bleach or synthetic brighteners.


Even if a load of towels has been forgotten for multiple days, just add a tablespoon of our Vinegar Wash to the cycle and watch as it refreshes and renews your fabrics. Choose Clean Slate Laundry & Home for a clean, green, and effective laundry solution.

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